Do you remember the days when you believed in something so much that you simply had to prove it was true?

Well, why not discover them again with the young protagonist of Russell Ayto’s brand new read-together book for children, Henry and the Yeti. You see, Henry really likes yetis and he thinks that they absolutely do exist and so, he sets off on an expedition to find one. Perfect for fans of We’re Going on A Bear Hunt, we’re sure that Henry’s expedition is one you’ll want to go on again and again.

Armed with all the kit he will need for his expedition – including that all important camera for capturing the evidence he needs- and with Dad’s advice of ‘no staying up late’ ringing in his ears, Henry sets off on an adventure which will thrill and delight young readers.

Filled with illustrations which have a simplistic beauty that tell a story all of their own, each page brings Henry closer to his goal, but what readers will really want to know is will Henry find a yeti? We’re not going to tell you, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy going on the adventure to find out…

Told with a narrative which highlights the importance of believing in yourself and your dreams, we think Henry and the Yeti will make adventurers of all its readers. The sky’s the limits, believe in what you believe in and you never know, you just must find it!

Henry and the Yeti is out now, published by Bloomsbury Children’s.