What do you do when a whole summer stretches out before you and you’re in a beautiful place? Fall in love with a musician of course!

Petroc’s Church, the debut novel by St Ives based author Birte Hosken, tells the story of Jen who wants to escape life in London and so heads to a Cornish beach for a summer working as a parking attendant in her grandfather’s car park. Quickly finding herself in need of distraction, she takes an interest in her grandparents’ new neighbours and soon finds that she can’t stop thinking about Lance… But how will she get close to him? Enter his best friend Petroc, whose mysterious secret could change things for Jen forever….

Petroc’s Church is a novel which will appeal to a young adult readership. Describing the teenage experience in the midst of an idyllic Cornish summer and the heady beginnings of a first summer romance, we anticipate that this is will be a popular ‘beach bag read’ and is escapist literary entertainment for all those dreaming of the brighter days of summer in a seemingly endless winter.

With enough intrigue contained within its pages to captivate and inspire curiosity in its readership, we think Hosken’s first novel – which shows Cornwall at its very best – is certainly worth checking out.

Petroc’s Church was published in 2016 by Austin Macauley Publishers.