Twice annually Mslexia ask for themed poetry and prose submissions for the Showcase (previously New Writing) section of the magazine. Winners are selected by our Guest Editors (in the past they have included Julia Blackburn, Nicci Gerrard, Pascale Petit, Rachel Cusk and Sarah Dunant) and are published in the magazine.

They look for stories of up to 2,200 words, poems of up to 40 lines, and short scripts of up to 1,000 words (including character names and stage instructions).

Please note: they only accept up to four poems, two short stories and two short scripts per entrant.

The current themes are:

Issue 78: WEATHER
Climate can be a source of environmental impact or emotional metaphor. Are you threatened by (or longing for) drought or downpour? Is your relationship tropical, stormy or frosty? Write about either or (ideally) both. CLOSING DATE: 5 March 2018

Issue 79: COOKING
Making a meal can be an act of love and sensual pleasure – or an act of hatred and grudging resentment. It can also be source of intense anxiety. Can I afford it? Will there be enough? Will they like it? Will it be on time? CLOSING DATE: 4 June 2018

Full submission guidelines and further essential information can be found on the Mslexia website