Telltales, the Falmouth-based group for writers and listeners, has 3 events coming up in July, and they’re looking for submissions for all of them!

1. First comes the Penzance Literary Festival. We’ll be at the Admiral Benbow’s (upstairs), Chapel Street, Penzance on Thursday, 6 July, at 7:30. The theme, for us and for the whole festival, is Uncharted Waters, as in the unknown, the dangerous, strange and surely exciting! Please submit your stories, poems, memoirs, scripts by midnight on Thursday, 2nd July 2017.


2. Next comes Telltales’ regular reading on Tuesday, 25 July, 7:30 at Dolly’s Tearoom (upstairs from Falmouth Bookseller). It’s the same theme, Uncharted Waters, and the same deadline, 2nd July 2017. 

3. At the end of the month, they’ll be back, once again, at the Port Eliot Festival, 27-30 July at St. Germans, Cornwall. Schedule to be confirmed. If you’d like to be one of their readers—and readers get a ticket for the whole festival! — send in your stories, memoirs, poems, lyrics — along with an indication that it’s for Port Eliot, by midnight Thursday 13 July. The suggested theme is Detritus—rubbish, waste, junk, debris, things left behind. There may be other mini-opportunities to read poetry at the festival, though, so poets, don’t let the theme be too restrictive! Please go to the Telltales website to submit your work and learn a little more about them.


Note: Keep the stories for Penzance and Falmouth under 1600 words, and for Port Eliot under 1350. Just two or three poems, please.