What is The Scheme?

At Penguin Random House, they publish a wide range of authors, characters and stories: from Malala Yousafzai to Wiley to Peter Rabbit.

The Scheme is their early career programme, which values ideas and potential over experience and qualifications.

This year, Penguin have got ten paid editorial traineeships on offer, starting in September 2018 for six months.

It’s a chance to experience life in a publishing house, to find out what editorial work is like and to build the basics you’ll need to start a career in publishing.

Who can apply?

Penguin need their teams to reflect and represent the rich diversity of UK society. Which means this year, we’re asking for applications from people from two specific groups.

To apply, you need to be from a BAME (Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic) community, and/or from a socio-economically disadvantaged background. You can find more details here.

And don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about publishing.  You just need an interest in storytelling, an enthusiasm for new ideas and a desire to communicate those ideas.

Closing deadline

11th May 2018

How to apply

For further information, including full application details, visit the The Scheme website.