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Veronica Bright loves telling stories. As a former primary school teacher, the best part of the day was gathering the children together and making up all sorts of amazing things. They probably believed there was an elf living in the store cupboard, and the spider in the sink had the power of speech. They were the first frogs, toads and robots in the plays in her teaching resource books, Frogs in Assembly and Robots in Assembly. (Kevin Mayhew Publishers Ltd.)
Veronica’s writing career had a boost in 2005, when she won the Woman and Home Short Story Competition with Out of the Apple Tree, subsequently published in The Sunday Night Book Club anthology (Arrow Books). Since then her work has won forty short story prizes, including fifteen firsts, and she has been published in over a dozen anthologies. In 2016 she self-published two collections of her prize-winning short stories, Cloud Paintings and A Gift from the Horse Chestnut Tree.
Veronica Bright fell in love with Cornwall before she came to live here in 1988. She believes the magnetic personality of the county has inspired and invaded her debut novel, All the Lonely People, which is with her agent Kiran Kataria at the Keane Kataria Literary Agency.
Veronica is the short story adviser for the Association of Christian Writers; a competition judge; and she writes a monthly blog for new writers on her website.

Recent Publications

Cloud Paintings , Self-Published , 2016
A Gift From The Horse Chestnut Tree , Self-Published , 2016

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Kiran Kataria

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