Join Hurst Street Press for the launch of ANON. ANON seeks to celebrate the work of undervalued  women writers, republishing their work alongside commissioned responses from new writers, academics  and artists. Each book will be letterpress and risograph printed, hand-stitched and initially  limited to a print run of 100 copies.

The launch of volume one includes three small editions, showcasing the work of three early twentieth century authors: Charlotte Mew, Elizabeth Bibesco, and Mary Butts.

 The event is taking place at Spike Island in Bristol on Thursday 30th November, from 7 – 9 pm. Tickets are available here

Charlotte Mew: Perhaps the best known of the three writers, many will recognise Mew for her rich  and subversive verse. Mew’s command of nar- rative is celebrated in our edition of her neglected
short fiction – writing of such morbid allure that it forcibly draws the reader into its midst.

Mary Butts: Occultist, pacifist, conservationist, social worker and, of course, writer, Mary Butts  is probably best known for her two early novels: Ashe of Rings and Armed with Violence. Yet it is her short fiction that truly allows her distinctive and free-formed voice to flourish – stories that capture the excitement and anxiety of the interwar era, and probe capital- ism’s
reconstruction of the human psyche.

Elizabeth Bibesco: Daughter of a prime minister, wife of a Romanian prince and a close friend to  Marcel Proust, Bibesco – like many women– is repeatedly defined by her relationship to men. Bibesco’s fiction marks her out as a brilliant  and uncharacteristically compassionate satirist, with taut prose and a ‘genius for compression’  that puts her on a par with Edith Wharton.

This event will feature readings from the works and a panel discussion focus- sing on the works of  the three writers, as well as the challenges involved in artistically and critically responding to
the works. Books will be on sale, artwork on display. Ticket includes drinks.


Beth Barnett is an illustrato , editor and co-founder of Hurst Street Press. Her specific interests include female writers of the short story, writing the body and disease and networks of
circulation. Beth will introduce the parameters and in- tentions of ANON, discussing the importance  of continually raising awareness of female writers and the role that small publishers can play.

Chair: Lily Green is the editor and founder of Bristol-based publication No Bindings .

Lauren Collee has had her poetry, prose and woodblock prints published in Eyot Magazine, Draft, and IRIS II and III. She currently works part-time assisting with the production of a radio show and podcast for a London-based community repair organisation.

Grace Linden completed her art foundation year at the Royal Drawings School, and is currently at the University of Oxford studying for a BA in Classics. Her poetry has been published in the Ash
Anthology, The Isis Mag- azine, Eyot and The Oxonian Review and was the Oxford Editor of the Mays  Anthology 25.

Daniel Abdalla is working on his PhD in nineteenth-century literature and science at Wadham College, Oxford.

Helen Charman’s poems have been published in Blackbox Manifold, Hotel, Datableed and elsewhere, and  are forthcoming in para·text. Her essays can be found in King’s Review, Dazed and Confused, the LRB  blog and the Cam- bridge Humanities Review.

We’re delighted to have poet Camille Ralphs reading from the works. Ralph’s debut pamphlet, Malkin  (The Emma Press, 2015), was shortlisted for the Mi- chael Marks Poetry Award and the Saboteur Award for Best Poetry Pamphlet. She served as 2016-17 President of Oxford University Poetry Society, won  the University of Oxford’s Lord Alfred Douglas Memorial Prize, and reviews for the Times Literary  Supplement.