The eighth week-end festival takes places at Sterts Arts Centre, Upton Cross, in the heart of beautiful Bodmin Moor. The festival this year features a host of exciting and varied events.  Award-winning poets taking part include Jamie McKendrick, Rachael Allen, Sandeep Parmar, Katrina Porteous, David Morley, Maurice Riordan and Andrew McMillan.

The loose theme of the festival is walls/borders, marking 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is used as an inspiration for our series of exciting free workshops for young people, which include art, dance and puppetry. These will all be showcased in a special community event on Sunday 29th.  The weekend also features walks on Bodmin Moor, exhibitions, adult poetry workshops, and poetry and music with Roger Garfitt and classical guitarist Gareth Rees Roberts.

BMPF has been described by many as the friendliest and most welcoming literary festival around.  It was founded in 2011 by Liskeard based poets Ann Gray and David Woolley.  David says

We had both attended many events far and wide, reading ourselves as poets and to hear our own favourites.  We felt very strongly about two things – firstly, that a poetry festival needed to be small, stimulating and friendly, as so many people are intimidated by the very thought of going to a poetry reading!  Secondly, that people in Cornwall deserved the opportunity to hear great poets from around the world without having to travel hundreds of miles to do so.  We hope that we have fulfilled these ambitions, and as the festival goes from strength to strength, we think we have.  Come along and see for yourselves!

With ample parking, lifts arranged from Liskeard Train station, food and drink always available, and with a full week-end ticket only £60, what better way to spend a weekend before winter sets in?