‘Come forth into the light of things, let Nature be your teacher.”  – William Wordsworth

As summer draws to a close and we head in to the garden, the woods, the moors or coast, we mark the passing of one season and step in to the beginning of the next. There’s a chance here to experience a familiar or unknown landscape in a new way. For anyone who has written down thoughts, and feelings, there is a creative, meditation retreat, this month in Devon that aims at focusing journaling and poetry through the lens of nature and contemplation. Doing this, we give ourselves a chance to better understand who and where we are in our lives. And with this new understanding, we can make the changes we have been wanting to make, to find the rest and recuperation we need for our mind, body and soul.

Taking place from 29th September to 2nd October 2016, find out more here

”The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”  – e.e. cummings