Getting Started in Social Media

  • October 5
  • 08:00 - 17:00
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Getting Started in Social Media is a workshop for writers looking to promote their books and raising their profile amongst a wider audience.

Learn about:

Different social media channels, such as Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
Developing a social media strategy to make the most of your time on social media
How to write effective blog posts and social media posts
How to keep generating ideas for blog articles and social media updates
This interactive workshop is ideal for writers who are looking to self publish their books or those writing their novels and want to generate a following amongst potential readers. It is targeted at writers with little or no knowledge of using social media channels.

In today’s world it is essential for you to build a digital presence. This can include setting up a blog or website and using social media channels, such as a Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, to interact with your readers.

Regularly writing blogs and engaging with your readers is vital to remind people what you write about and gives you the opportunity to talk to an interested group of people when you’re ready to launch your book.

About Lulu Consulting:

Lulu Consulting is run by Jane Rayner, who has over 25 years working in journalism, PR and events. She has run a number of workshops for writers at the Bridport Arts Centre to help them develop their online presence and works with individual authors and writing groups teaching social media and blogging. Her background experience includes working for large FTSE100 businesses to smaller businesses, local authorities, industry associations and organisations.

A fiction writer herself, Jane is aware of the support writers need in marketing their work and providing the necessary tools to promote their novels and themselves.

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