A leap into the sonic future: Taking stock of the possibilities of locative audio for drama – and drama for locative audio

  • Bluejeans – online
  • September 8
  • 19:00 - 20:00
  • 5-8 euros
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These days it is possible to locate any form of media pretty much anywhere on the planet which has a GPS signal. The whole world is up for grabs as a readymade stage set. Changing the soundtrack to the ‘movie of our lives’ changes everything. As installation artist / sound walk visionary Janet Cardiff puts it, “We understand three-dimensional space by using our vision but also by the character of sounds we hear. If these sounds are manipulated and changed, then our perception of reality can be drastically affected.”

Reculer pour mieux sauter is a French saying meaning to draw back so that you can spring forward better. This panel discussion will take stock of the territory that some of the most innovative locative audio dramatists have covered in order to size up the landing zone for the next leap forward.

The panellists will include: Duncan Speakman, Francesca Panetta, Boz Temple-Morris, David Merleau, and Ralph Hoyte from Satsymph. The panel will be chaired by NG Bristow, who is a writer / director and artist.