Agent 121 with literary agent Yasmin Kane – Hosted by I AM in print

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  • August 8
  • 60
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Receiving personal feedback from an agent is a rare and valuable thing. Events and festivals are great but some of us are restricted by cost, physical or logistical limitations.

Using the magic of the internet I AM in print is teaming up with top literary agents to provide a solution – enter our webinar room from your own home and discuss your work in progress face-to-face (on screen) with some of the best in the business!

Enter Yasmin Kane! Yasmin is a literary agent at the Kane Literary Agency and also owns Three Hares Publishing.

She is passionate about great storytelling: Authentic voices, huge universal themes, stories which lift the veil, speak the truth and provide lessons which move readers. As well as middle grade and young adult fiction, Yasmin welcomes all adult fiction across the board. She will also accept non-fiction. Yasmin is not taking on picture books.

Book your 15 minute session with Yasmin by visiting

Her next available time slot is on 12th September 2019. Yasmin would like you to submit a covering letter, synopsis and the first 10-15 pages of your manuscript no later than 8th August 2019. An internet test with I AM in print is also required before this event and can be scheduled at a time convenient to you.