Being Before Becoming

  • Mudita House
  • October 31
  • 10:30 - 12:30
  • £15
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as part of The Little Death Festival, Mudita House, Penzance

A 2 hour creative writing workshop with Linda Cleary springboarding from the theme of answering this question: What was I before I became?

The inspiration for this subject was taken from listening to an interview with the writer Jenni Diski who died in April 2016. Knowing her cancer was terminal she found comfort in thinking how we cannot remember before our birth and so with death we shall go again into the unknown – and it will not be for the first time. ‘Not-being’ as she termed it.

During the workshop you will do various creative writing techniques and exercises culminating in a piece of writing stemming from the theme.

Please register in advance by:
mobile (text): 07507550764

Linda Cleary is a writer and tutor who has been delivering courses since 1991. She is also the Literary Arts Coordinator for Hypatia Trust.