Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival Launch

  • Sterts Theatre
  • May 29 - 31
  • 19:00 - 22:00
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As exemplified by Elizabeth Bishop’s classic poem, coming to terms with loss is a major theme for poets and artists. BMPF 2015 uses this idea as a central strand. We open the festival with not one
T.S.Eliot prize winner but two! David Harsent’s incendiary 2014 winner, Fire Songs, is heavily populated by those who have suffered and lost, while 2013 winner Sinead Morrissey’s assured and
disquieting” collection, Parallax documents “what is caught, and what is lost.”

This year we have an Artist-in-Residence – John K. Lawson – poet and painter, is originally from England, but has been resident in the USA for over 25 years. JK lost virtually everything to Hurricane Katrina– home, painting, writing. He coped by salvaging and drying out what he could of his paintings, drawings and poems, making new collages out of artistic debris, and writing a novel. John will work with adults and young people as an artist, and read from his poetry collection now.

The festival will also host an exhibition of his work, and extracts from the theatre version of his novel, Hurricane Hotel, adapted and directed by Aimee K Michel.

Karen McCarthy Woolf and Carrie Etter reflect poignantly on the different ways that a child can be lost. Surely sometimes lost, but thankfully found here, we also welcome Matthew Francis, Anthony Wilson, Matthew Sweeney and Mary  Noonan. Cabaret Showcase presents young poets at the cutting edge, there’s poetry & music from the fabulous Little Machine, a celebration of the work of the late, great Basil Bunting, poetry-related art exhibitions at both Sterts and Terre Verte Gallery at Altarnun, poetry and art workshops for adults and young people – in fact, something for everyone.

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