Bristol Poetry Festival

  • Bristol
  • October 6 - 9
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This year’s popular annual poetry festival programme is as busy as ever basting the likes of Sarah Howe, Liz Berry, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Martin Figura, Tara Bergin, Rishi Dastidar, Bob Beagrie, Helen Ivory, Lucy English, Lois P Jones, Paul Scott, Lydia Towsey, Dru Marland, David C Johnson, Mike Scott and Claire Williamson & Glenn Carmichael hosting The Bristol Poetry Festival Open Slam. Other highlights include How I Came To Be Where I Never Was by Johnny Fluffypunk, Raise the Bar, SPEL, Hammer & Tongue, Satellite of Love, Bristol Dead Poets Slam, 20 Poets Perform, Spotlight and the Word Wizards Comedy Cabaret.