Close Your Eyes and Write with Dr Caroline Bergvall

  • October 24 - November 1
  • 08:00 - 17:00
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Turbocharge your writing process with this exciting online course. Using various techniques, you’ll free your mind and writing habits – and ultimately create a whole new piece of writing.

This course aims to create surprise and confidence in testing new approaches, make you feel open to working with unusual forms and narratives that come up, share processes with others and develop a toolbox of useful tactics to kickstart and structure your writing.

The course combines two intensive weekends with a midweek short individual tutorial to keep you on track.

The first intensive weekend will allow you to work intuitively and freely with materials through vaious tasks. We will use forms of listening and of observation, as well as collage, cut-ups, speed writing, doodles to inspire and renew your writing processes. This invites you to rediscover a playfulness with materials and texts, surrender to the tasks on hand and allow yourself to see how it might open up your writing and enrich it with new and unfamiliar thought-processes. Small group discussions will allow you to check in throughout.

The second weekend will allow you to spend time on a developing or revisiting a piece of your own, applying some of the workshop’s ideas and methodologies, and working on your own ideas using the methodologies that seem the most exciting and relevant to you.

Both weekends are organised as online intensives and structured as a cycle of contact, online and offline tasks of varying lengths, individual and small group work. Technical and practical support is available throughout so you get help trying things out.

The whole course will include:

– Exploration through various exercises and methods
– Individual writings
– Sharing of materials
– Small group crits
– Group discussions

As the workshop relies on exercises, trials and discussions it is crucial that you are open to sharing your ideas and processes during the workshop.

All skill levels are welcomed.

Caroline Bergvall
Caroline Bergvall has an interdisciplinary practice and works across artforms media and languages. Outputs alternate between books, performances, sound installations and print-work.
Caroline Bergvall is an international and award-winning poet and sound artist who works across artforms, media and languages.

Awarded a Cholmondeley Award for her poetic production (UK, 2017). First recipient of the art literary prize Prix Littéraire Bernard Heidsieck-Centre Pompidou (Paris, 2017). Awarded a Bogliasco Fellowship, Italy (2019). Projects alternate between books and printed matter, collaborative performances, site-specific installations and soundworks. Her work frequently develops through exploring material traces, literary documents, historical languages, hidden or forgotten knowledges.