Creative Writing & Nature Connection Retreat with Caspar Walsh & Brigit-Anna McNeill

  • September 29 - October 2
  • 16:00 - 11:45
  • £295-345
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Step out of your everyday life and into a place of reflection through a synthesis of creative writing, contemplation and nature connection – in the beautiful setting of Sharpham House and its grounds.

“…out in wild nature, under the warm sun, in a cool wind, beneath rain, enveloped in snow. Sitting round the red embers of a fire with friends, watching the stars, telling stories. These things give us life and change our lives. They are a life support system. We all need it. Whether we know it or not.”

This 3-night retreat offers a unique blend of writing, meditation and nature connection as a stimulus for your writing and as a mirror to your habitual patterns of thinking.

Caspar Walsh has over 20 years’ experience in facilitating groups, meditation and as a writing tutor and mentor. He is an author, journalist and founder of the award-winning charity Write to Freedom. His journey through life and work has been driven by a passion and belief that artistic expression, nature connection and contemplation lay the foundations for a reflective, fulfilling, joyful life.

Brigit-Anna trained in wilderness therapy, counselling and mentoring following her MA in Art Psychotherapy. She empowers others to feel  safely held in a group setting, and her approach is strong, safe, transformational and loving. With a rare gift for getting to the heart of the matter and helping others find the deeper truth, Brigit-Anna’s knowledge and passion for plants and the natural world is infectious, whether for food, medicine or spiritual ally. She loves to guide us in nature to see it as we have never seen it before; as the missing community we always craved.

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