David Harper’s ‘A Romp With The Georgians’

  • The Palace Theatre Paignton
  • September 25
  • 19:30 - 21:30
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David Harper’s ‘A Romp With The Georgians’ is coming to Paignton in September.
The show takes a funny look at life during the period from 1714-1830. A time in Britain of growth (e.g. empire) discoveries (e.g. Australia) inventions (e.g. roller skates) and shocking tales (e.g. electrified beds!)
Known for his brightly coloured trousers, David Harper is a BBC TV antiques presenter and historian – he’s always had a fascination with how the Georgians lived, loved and entertained themselves…from the strange pets they kept, their love of drinking (tea and gin in particular!) gambling addictions, medical remedies, we could learn from today! smugglers, tax avoiders and dodgy politicians
The show will recall an age of lavish and dangerous fashions, terrible jobs, strange events, outrageous characters and dastardly historical stories our history teachers didn’t tell us!
There’s a book to go with the show too, they’ll be free giveaways, the odd competition and a chance to ask questions throughout…the audience is guaranteed to learn something new, be shocked, surprised or laugh at just how similar the Georgians really were to us!
David might even spread a bit of gossip and tell the odd tale from the world of TV!