Doctor Faustus by Tangle Theatre

  • The Exchange
  • February 27
  • 19:30 - 22:00
  • £6-9
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“I, John Faustus do give my body and soul to Lucifer.”

Starring in the title role is Joshua Liburd, who recently played the lead role in the West End’s ‘Dreamgirls’.

Faustus is a respected but frustrated scholar. He dreams of knowledge beyond the realm of men – of all things that move beyond the quiet poles, the mysteries of the universe, the secrets of kings; a knowledge that will lead to great power and eternize his legacy. This unquenchable desire for fame drives him to master the the dark arts and he summons the demon Mephastophilis. Despite his own doubts and Mephastophilis’ warnings, the fated doctor demands he strike a deal with Lucifer; his soul for twenty-four years of omnipotence. Drunk with his new powers Faustus travels the world gaining unmatched notoriety, the cost of which is infinitely high as the damned hour approaches.

Tangle, South West England’s African Caribbean theatre company transpose this renaissance classic to our times. Music and song is interweaved with rousing performances from a trinity of actors in this unique version of Christopher Marlowe’s renowned tale.