Feathers & Fur exhibition

  • Grain Barge
  • September 1 - October 11
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Walk along Bristol’s streets, through its parks – or even just out into your own garden. What animal life is there? Bristol writer Emily Koch has teamed up with ten local illustrators to capture the lives of the city’s living creatures.

Ten of her haikus – short, three-line poems – have been brought to life for this colourful exhibition, which Bristol artist Dave Bain helped to curate. From squirrels to robins, foxes to pet cats, butterflies to toads – there’s something for everyone.

Emily is an author and journalist. Her debut novel will be published in 2018 by Harvill Secker, an imprint of Penguin Random House. She runs regular Bristol writing workshops as part of WriteClub, which she co-founded.

Artists involved in the exhibition are: Amy Timms, Lindsay McDonagh, Laurie Stansfield, Rosanna Tasker, Dave Bain, Harriet Lee Merrion, Dawn Cooper, Sarah Dennis, Bett Norris and Anna Higgie.

Prints will be for sale.