Free, live online Q&A with Marika Cobbold and Amanda Craig

  • Online
  • April 21
  • 19:30 - 20:30
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Having met good friends Marika Cobbold and Amanda Craig in our technical test in preparation for this event we can assure you that you are in for a treat! Both respected authors are also journalists and both have had a book optioned for screen. Their unique brand of humour threaded through thought-provoking issues makes their novels a joy to read. Please, sign up for this free, live event by visiting and prepare for an hour of fun and inspiration.

Marika Cobbold’s short-stories and journalism have appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers in both the UK and Sweden. Her dark humour and astute observations are a joy to read, even when the subject is uncomfortable at times. Her novel Guppies for Tea is now a film starring Inge Meysel.

Marika’s eighth novel On Hampstead Heath features journalist Thorn Marsh who seeks truth in her stories to escape the inane click bait articles she is instructed to produce. But when her job is in jeopardy and her reputation on the line she is caught between her principles and her career and so fabricates a feel-good story which goes viral. But how out of hand can it get and what truths will she uncover along the way?

Amanda Craig, acclaimed author and literary journalist joins us from her Devon home to chat about her not-so-straightforward route to publication and her thought-provoking novels which fuse wit and the charm of history with contemporary state-of-the-nation truths. Her novel The Lie of the Land has been optioned for TV.

Long-listed for the 2021 Women’s Prize, Amanda’s ninth novel The Golden Rule is inspired by the classic Strangers on a Train. We follow Hannah and Jinni, strangers who meet on a train and subsequently set out to murder the other’s husband. But when Hannah finds Jinni’s husband Stan and hears his side of the story, she is caught in a spider’s web. Who is telling the truth? And who is the real victim?