Get Your Words Out!

  • Online
  • September 1
  • 08:30 - 08:55
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Get Your Words Out: a 21 day programme for writers who want to kickstart their writing practice

A supportive three week course designed to help you focus on your creative writing projects. Come and get your words out!

Starts Tuesday 1st Sept 8:00am [BST]

Do you sometimes struggle to prioritise your artistic practice? Do you have things you want to write, but never seem to find the time? Does your creativity need a bit of coaxing out to play?

If any of the above are true for you, then this series of morning calls could be just the thing to get you and your writing on track.

What’s it all about?

You’ll be meeting with a group of like-minded creators, artists and procrastinators for 25 minutes from 8:00am [BST] Monday-Friday every week from Sept 1st for three weeks.

Led by writer and creativity coach, Alison Powell, you’ll be encouraged to look at the bigger picture of your creative writing, to examine your blocks, to find out how to deal with your inner critic and discover ways to keep your creativity flowing.

Will there be writing prompts?

Each session will end with a writing prompt or focus that you can take into your day.

Do I need to have a project underway?

No. You could use these meetings to support a project you’re already working on, but equally you can use them to simply get into the habit of regular writing. It could be that you’re working on a novel, a series of poems, a playscript or a memoir. Equally, could be that your goal is to write in your journal every day.

Will I have to meet a daily word count?

No. With support from Alison and the group, you’ll set your own goals each day. For some people, daydreaming might be vital to creative work, for others, getting to the laptop is the the thing that makes a difference. You’ll decide what you need to do.

Who will be in the group?

Writers of all levels of experience – whether you’re a total novice, or an experienced novelist, these sessions can offer you valuable support and accountability.

Will I get feedback on my writing?

This course is designed to keep you writing. If you want feedback on your work, come and join our Work in Progress series or ping an email to to discuss our mentoring options.

What others have said:

Write Club is everything it sets out to be and more. Excellent structure, supportive course leader, and a great pace. I found myself seriously writing not writing seriously. It’s soul deep and stretches you so you can laugh out loud. (Sara)

Write Club is a brilliant idea, expertly executed by Al. The ‘Work in Progress’ sessions gave me the motivation I needed to plough on. Care had gone in to pair me with the right group of people to provide constructive criticism about my work. (Nick)

I found WriteClub to be an exciting and engaging venture. Alison has great energy and brings a lightness to the process of writing which I appreciated. She is also very skilled in bringing people together and making them feel comfortable as a group. Most importantly, however, the intensive course got me writing and left me with an outline for a piece by the end of the four weeks. (LS)

NB We will use Zoom for this course.

Booking essential.

This course is being offered on a sliding scale:

£75 – full wage / have back up funds and feel able to pay

£60 – low wage / just feels more manageable

£45 – student / unwaged

Contact for alternative payment options including paypal/bank transfer and instalments.

About your facilitator:

Alison Powell supports new and established writers with their creative work. She established WriteClub in 2016 and has since run regular creative writing workshops on all aspects of the writing craft. She is an award winning writer, published in various anthologies and magazines and holds an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa. She has been an secondary English and drama teacher for many years and is also a qualified an INLPTA certified Master Practitioner of NLP and coaching.

She believes that everyone has the right to express themselves in writing and runs all her sessions with a positive approach. Her passion for poetry and story along with her enthusiasm for helping people find the best in themselves are reflected in her lively and open presentation style. She will do her very best to ensure that you find the support you need to make your writing work.