Greenway Literary Festival: Beverley Naidoo

  • Greenway
  • May 25
  • 15:00 - 16:00
  • £3
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As part of Children’s Literature Week  of Greenway Literary Festival 2019, Beverley Naidoo will be giving a talk called Whose voices do we hear? 

Young people on journeys for justice! Beverley Naidoo’s characters face real-life challenges that can overpower young people and smother their voices. In Journey to Jo’burg, they are up against Apartheid and the power of racism. In The Other Side of Truth, they must flee their home country when their journalist father is targeted for writing the truth. Beverley will talk about these and her other books as well as young people she has met whose voices give her hope and inspire her.

Standard National Trust admission in addition applies to non-members for this event. Members need only pay the ticket price. Events are free for accompanying adults, £3 for children.

Photo credit: Linda Brownlee.