Hoperoad Publishing at Waterstones Bristol – The BookBlast® 10×10 Tour

  • Waterstones Bristol
  • October 18
  • £3
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The BookBlast® 10×10 tour is heading to Bristol on 18th October 2018

Theme: Trading Places: Bright City, Dark Secrets.
Rosemarie Hudson from HOPEROAD as chair.
WITH authors, Peter Kalu (Silent Striker) and Qaisra Shahraz (The Concubine & The Slave Catcher).

THE BOOKBLAST® 10×10 TOUR in association with Waterstones

A Nationwide Festival of Independent Publishing!

A carnival of authors, poets, translators and publishers, under the banner of trailblazing agency BOOKBLAST® created by Georgia de Chamberet, will be travelling to major cities across England, showcasing some of the finest independent-spirited literature and poetry being published today.
THE BOOKBLAST® 10×10 TOUR, in association with Waterstones, will visit nine regions of England, celebrating risk-taking publishers who fill a unique niche in discovering talent. The tour connects London and the regions.
This tour is about extraordinary writing. Writing that surprises, amazes and intrigues. Writing that challenges, disrupts and demands. Writing that is from the margins of culture portraying areas of life that the traditionalist mainstream often ignores. The tour will inspire readers, existing and new, to explore what’s happening in different parts of the world now, and to immerse themselves in the unfamiliar. Audiences will encounter writers from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. With these events, BookBlast® aims to unite people in the spirit of friendship and exchange.

More details about the events including dates and venues can be found here