How to write twists & take the reader by surprise with Jane Corry

  • The Square Club
  • July 31
  • 19:30 - 21:30
  • 7.50 - 8.50
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How do you keep readers turning the page? What twists do readers enjoy? And how do you plot a psychological thriller? Our guest author, Jane Corry is on the sofa at Novel Nights in July.

Jane Corry writes psychological suspense for Penguin. Her last three books have been in the top ten of The Sunday Times. Her next book – out this summer – is called ‘I LOOKED AWAY’. Her first novel ‘MY HUSBAND’S WIFE’ has been optioned as a television series. Jane trained as a journalist and went on to work for various publications, including Woman’s Own, Good Housekeeping, The Times and The Telegraph. She was inspired to write thrillers after taking a job as a writer in residence of a high-security male prison.

She lives in Devon with her second husband where she looks after her grandchildren for two days a week. Jane also writes ‘Diary Of A Modern Granny’ for My Weekly and was the anonymous author of ‘Diary Of A First-Time Gran’ for The Daily Telegraph. She is a life-story judge for the Koestler Awards and is an Honorary Royal Literary Fund Fellow.

Three readers can share their work at this event. See the novelnights submissions page for details. This event is supported by Arts Council Funding