Plymouth University writer in residence Jamie Edgecombe ‘Trauma Writing’ masterclass

  • October 26
  • 13:00 - 15:00

Plymouth University writer-in-residence Jamie Edgecombe will be delivering a masterclass on ‘Trauma Writing’ focusing on the work of American novelist, Tim O’Brien, whose specialism is the Vietnam war.

‘Story-truths’ as ‘Happening-truths’: Tim O’Brien and the Trauma of the Vietnam War

Novelist, memoirist, and short story writer, Tim O’Brien served two tours in Viet Nam. That said, his experience of that war has never left him. His writings on the American involved in Viet Nam are horrifying, philosophical, grotesquely eloquent and, at times, funny. It this tensional approach to war narrative that has earned him many literary awards and the respect of other veterans. Central to O’Brien’s oeuvre is his expression of trauma. On October 26th, James Edgecombe will lead a workshop introducing O’Brien’s writing, with a focus on his trauma narrative. Although focusing on Viet Nam, the ideas are applicable to other important writers, such as Toni Morrison, especially her novel, Beloved.

FREE to students of Plymouth University, this masterclass takes place in Babbage Building room 404 on Thursday 26th October.