Memoir v Fiction author talk and Q & A with Babs Horton

  • Strawberry Thief Bar
  • June 16
  • 20:00 - 22:00
  • £5.00
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Talk on Memoir v Fiction for writers with guest Babs Horton. Babs’s first novel, A Jarful of Angels, was heavily influenced by her early life and her most recent work, Holy Mackerel is firmly a memoir. With readings by Suzie Lockhart-Smith, Judy Darley, Grace Palmer, John Simpson, Lesley Gilillan.
We will discuss the differences between memoirs and fiction and the dangers and delights of mining your own life for your writing as well as how old or famous do you have to be to write a memoir? Artistically what freedom do you have within genre or fiction?
Babs Horton is an award winning novelist. Her first book, A Jarful of Angels, ( Simon and Schuster, 2003) won the Pendleton May prize and was short-listed for the Authors’ Club ‘First novel’ award. Dandelion Soup was published in 2004, Wildcat Moon (2006.) Recipes for Cherubs (2009) and Holy Mackerel (2014)