Nicola Tallis: Crown of Blood: The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey

  • Brendon Books
  • November 7
  • 18:30 - 20:00
  • £7.50
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Most people recognize her name, and many think that they know her story: Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen, a young girl who was cruelly abused by her parents, manipulated by the power players in the complex world of sixteenth-century politics, and executed at the age of seventeen. Thus, Jane is remembered as one of history’s most tragic victims. Parts of this are irrefutably true, and there is no doubt that she was indeed a victim. But this is only part of the story. Jane was a young woman of remarkable and celebrated intellect, passion, determination and courage.

Historian and researcher, Nicola Tallis will discuss the human and emotional story that has thus far been ignored, revealing a young woman who saw herself as a champion of Protestantism, and ultimately became a martyr for her faith.