Novel Nights with guest Tom Henry, ghostwriter

  • The Square Club
  • March 29
  • 20:00 - 22:00
  • £6
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Novel Nights is a night devoted to inspiring writers. We combine author talks & Q & A with readings. Tonight Tom will reveal some of his methods. We’ll be asking how he decides which books are likely to get picked up by the traditional publishers. For writers, what can we learn from this approach? If you have a story to tell how could a ghostwriter help you?

Tom has had thirteen books published in ten years. He’s helped tell the stories of a former child refugee, an evacuee and a woman speaking out on the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

At Novel Nights he’ll be talking about how to discover and develop the voice, how to get the best from your characters, ghostwriting, co-authoring stories. He says, “I help people who have great stories to tell, but don’t always have the time or the capability to tell them. I like working with ‘ordinary’ people whose lives are richer than any fiction.”