Poetry, Nature & Mindfulness: Writing the Bright Moment – Online course

  • Online
  • June 30 - July 4
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A five-session online course with Roselle Angwin, poet, nature writer and longterm mindfulness meditation practitioner.


This intensive course offers a way of bringing yourself present to your daily moments – on purpose and non-judgmentally. You will be expected to spend time outdoors, looking, listening, being and writing, and recording the passing moment, inner and outer.

What does this have to do with poetry? There are two literary artforms that are specifically connected with Zen mindfulness. One is the well-known haiku; the other the prose equivalent, haibun (a form I particularly like, and have been teaching for over 20 years). Both these are ways of simultaneously exploring present-moment awareness, and of expressing it. Rich, insightful but pared-back, they can offer insight to others, too.

These sessions will:

Teach you simple techniques to deal moment-by-moment with our tendency to get lost in fears, anxieties, regrets and judgements

Offer you ways of staying more present and connected throughout your day, less thrown off balance by transience and uncertainty

Deepen your intimacy with yourself and with Other

Deepen the quality of your attention to your life, your human relationships and your relationships with the rest of the natural world (and remind you that we’re never NOT in relationship)

Offer you an inspiring few lines each day to ‘fire up’ your imagination

Give you expert advice in writing haiku (after all, it’s easy to write 3-line poems, but often very hard to write a halfway decent haiku)

Offer you ways in to writing Zen-style prose and haibun.

There will be options to join online groups, or to have one-to-one mentoring with Roselle. You can read more here.