Preparing for publication with James Spackman and Mary Morris

  • Exeter Custom House
  • July 9
  • 10:00 - 14:00
  • £30
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Navigating your way from manuscript to book deal.

Is your book ready to share with the world? James Spackman and Mary Morris will guide you through every stage of the publication process, from traditional publishing – how it works and how you can work it – to the pros and cons of self-publishing and crowdfunding.  Are agents necessary, and if so, how do you grab an agent’s attention? How do advances and royalties work? What does a PR campaign do for your book, and how should authors engage with social media?  They’ll help you to avoid common pitfalls and learn how to polish your pitch to perfection.

Competition is fierce – but there are ways to give your book the very best chance of success, and they’ll help you find them.

Concessions available, see box office listing for details.