Reading of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure

  • Taunton Library
  • November 10
  • 09:45 - 13:00
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Measure for Measure. Free Event. There is no need to book for the event and you can participate for just a few minutes or for the entire play as you wish – but you are welcome to register your interest

The whole play, or nearly the whole play, with a few minor abridgements read in one sitting organised once again by the Shakespeare Aloud Group based in Wellington.

Nigel Smith, organiser of the event, says: ‘Imagine what would happen if the mayor of the city, noticing how lax his law-keeping had become, decided to hand over power to his hard-line deputy, and retire from public life? Imagine a young man about to be put to death for making love to his fiancée. Imagine a novice nun pleading for her brother’s life only to be faced with an unbearable moral choice. Imagine a criminal refusing to be executed because he is too drunk to meet his maker. These moral and ethical issues are all raised in this remarkable play which explores justice and mercy in a state where the moral values of the leader are at the very least questionable and ultimately untenable. This is the basis of Shakespeare’s play Measure for Measure, in which cruelty and exploitation are exposed, but give way finally to love, compassion and forgiveness’

All are welcome to participate, young or old. No acting or reading experience necessary. Email contact details: