Responses: Contemporary Mark-Makers and Moor Poets

  • Birdwood House Gallery
  • November 10 - 16
  • 10:00 - 16:45
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Sunday 10th November to Saturday 16th November  ~ 10am – 4.45pm daily except Sunday 2 – 6pm

Responses is a dynamic Exhibition of poems and paintings in which some members of Contemporary Mark-Makers and Moor Poets collaborated, responding to each others’ work.

Artists and poets came together throughout the year in a series of workshops and experiences both in the studio and out in the landscape.

Explorations in the studio included responding to words, images and ideas to find poetic descriptors in language and paint for appearances, sounds, smells, effects, locations,impacts, moods and memories. Words as marks, and marks as words.

The poets also ventured out with the mark-makers on their summer adventures into the landscape which stimulated imaginations and invited reflection. We visited a wild-flower meadow at Buckland-in-the-Moor, the lunar landscape of Wotterwaste Quarry, the lively River Dart at Newbridge, a packed Teignmouth back beach in full summer mode, Combestone Tor and Saddle Tor in wind and weather, Dartington Ways with Words Festival with a glass of fizz, the secret gem of Bovey Heath and the moody and atmospheric ruins of Buckfast Church.

These venues soon triggered interactions between mark makers and poets that were lively and inspiring. Stretching the senses both visually and verbally prompted reactions from all directions. A poem inspired a painting which inspired another painting then perhaps another poem and so on. This was a multi-dimensional experience creating an intimate space of interplay across time and place.

If you wonder how that could possibly work then come along and see our “process wall” documenting the development of our ideas from germination to fruition and some detours along the way.

This is an exciting exhibition which will include live readings by the Poets during the exhibition week.