SilverWood Social – Research for Creative Writers

  • Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel
  • October 29
  • 15:45 - 16:30
  • £4
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A panel of four successful and experienced writers will deliver nuts and bolts guidance to researching and writing about extreme experiences, realistic characters and the constraints of time and place. Live examples, top tips and much, much more.
A gladius point on your neck, a French revolutionary spy intent on silencing you, a woman defending a castle and her honour while the husband is away at war? Terrifying certainly, but in extreme circumstances there is also muddle, boredom and cock-up in between sharp peaks of action and danger. How to write this authentically is the question that Alison Morton (author of the highly acclaimed Roma Nova series) will examine.
History is usually written by and about the rich and famous, but Lucienne Boyce (author of non-fiction ‘The Bristol Suffragettes’, and historical novels ‘To the Fair Land’ and ‘Bloodie Bones: A Dan Foster Mystery’) will look at how your research can bring to life the amazing stories of the people that history has so often overlooked.
Researching time isn’t only the domain of historical fiction. Even novels set in the present day must conform to the rules, from the time-frame in which events take place, to the season in which your novel is set. Wendy Percival (author of the Esme Quentin series of mystery crime novels) offers a timely reminder of how to avoid the pitfalls.
The panel will be chaired by historical fiction writer David Ebsworth, whose novels include ‘The Song-Sayer’s Lament’ and ‘The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour’.
Riverside Room. Tickets £4 – not for profit.