Structuring your Novel

  • Bradford on Avon library
  • March 2
  • 09:30 - 16:30
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Are you looking to start writing your novel and need help getting words down on the page? Perhaps you are half way through your story and are finding it difficult to get to the end. Could you use some useful hints and tips to maintain a regular writing practice?

The Structuring your Novel from Start to Finish one-day workshop will give you the tools to structure your writing, building a framework you can work with to help you finish your manuscript.

Brought to you by author and creative writing tutor Dr Gaby Malcolm, delegates will learn how to implement disciplines to complete writing projects in a friendly, interactive environment.

By attending this workshop you will learn about:
• Plotting, story flow and narrative techniques
• The step-by-step process to build the structure of your story
• Finding your voice and your approach to story writing
• Combining the technical and creative processes to complete your novel

Dr Gaby Malcolm’s structural approach will give you the tools to start your new writing project with confidence and the knowledge to get to the end of your story. Her workshop will include examples from authors on their writing processes and explode the myth of the tortured artist waiting for the muse to arrive.

The workshop is aimed at writers about to start their novel as well as those needing help to finish it.

About Dr Gaby Malcolm

Dr Gaby Malcolm is a freelance writer, editor and scriptwriter with a PhD in English Literature and Theatre and has worked as a creative writing tutor at Bath College. She has published books on fan phenomena around Jane Austen, Shakespeare’s influence on television, theatre and multi media in the 21st century as well as script-writing for children’s theatre and animated web series.

Working with communications expert Jane Rayner of Lulu Consulting, Dr Gaby Malcolm provides writers the opportunity to improve their writing and self-promotion skills within a healthy and constructive environment.