Summer Solstice Sunrise Swim-Write on The Thames

  • Lechlade
  • June 21
  • 06:30 - 08:30
  • 45.00
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Rising in the Cotswolds hills the River Thames travels over two hundred miles through the heart of some of England’s most beautiful country, right into the centre of London and eventually, out into the North Sea. Lifeblood of the land, gateway to the globe, the Thames has been a source of inspiration for writers, artists, makers and performers for millennia – for this swim-write, we will travel from point to point along the young Thames at Lechlade, where the waters are clear and peaceful, using the experience of immersion to spark new writing.

This workshop will be split into three parts. Part 1, the night before the swim, will involve some pre-reading and writing inspired by the river. Part 2 will be the swim itself, when we will do a point to point swim downstream as the sun is rising on the water. Part 3 will be a follow-up and sharing of work we have produced, inspired by our experience.

Led by poet JLM Morton and swim guide Rebecca Ward.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and more experienced writers working in prose or poetry. Though this is definitely not a triathlon and you don’t need to be fast (we’re not and we won’t be on the day), you should be a reasonably decent swimmer and be able to swim steadily, albeit slowly and comfortably, for 400 meters without stopping for a break. A tow-float for the river swim will be compulsory – you can rest on this if needed. If you have any questions about swim fitness then drop us a line.

As spaces will be very limited on this workshop, for now we are taking reservations – further, more comprehensive details will follow soon. Email for more info and to book.