Talk: “The Role of Women in the First World War” by Emma Shelley at Warminster Library

  • Warminster Library
  • May 26
  • 19:00 - 20:30

Join Historian Emma Shelley as she discusses the role of women during the First World War and the legacy they left behind. The 21st Century woman has unquestionably been shaped by the contributions women made during the period 1914-18. Emma Shelley’s talk, commemorating 100 years since this period, focuses on these contributions not only in the household but also on how women began to flex their muscles in the theatre of war. As their menfolk left them to join the frontlines, how did women change their own behaviour to fill the void? What new skills did they have to learn, pressures did they face, and lessons did they take from it? What price did women pay for the war raging in Europe, and what legacy did it leave? In this talk Emma looks at some of the roles played by women in the First World War and the questions these roles both asked and answered.

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