Travel Writers Online first pilot course launch

  • Online
  • June 27
  • 11:00 - 12:30
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Travel Writers Online is a series of courses and training support for your career and for your destination.

First pilot course: 27 June 2020. To join the travel writers’ courses you will need a free Google Account. Much of the teaching is delivered online via Google Drive and Google Docs, so please install these Apps on your mobile phone. The main course books are delivered as eBooks, again through the free Google platform. Install the free Google Play Books App on your smart phone.

When your Google Account is open, then also open a free YouTube account, linked to your Google Account. This will help you find and use the online learning videos.

Launch date: 27 June is the birthday of Gaston Bachelard (27 June 1884 to 16 October 1962) author of The Poetics of Space (French: La Poétique de l’Espace) is his 1958 book appearing in 1964 in English. If you would like to be among our first test pilots for Module 401, please enrol online