We See You Now: a creative writing & walking retreat with Alinah Azadeh (online event)

  • Online
  • August 8
  • 10:30 - 17:30
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We See You Now is a creative writing retreat for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME)/ people of colour (PoC) writers or artists working with writing and based in or with a clear connection to Sussex or the South East, facilitated by artist and writer Alinah Azadeh.
This event will take place over two days between Zoom and the closest outdoor space you can safely find (or your own home if sheltering/in quarantine) and is aimed at BAME/ PoC writers and/or artists using writing in their practice and in need of reflective time, future dreaming and creative solidarity.

The focus is on nurturing your writer self, and holding the space for new or existing work to emerge or progress, in parallel with the group, at a time when self-care, resilience and drawing on the richness of our diverse cultural heritages are of prime importance.
The thematic of the retreat is being set by Alinah’s most recent piece of writing , We See You Now, and inspired by her own mixed cultural heritage and connections to the Sussex Coast.

There are only 12 places available for this special retreat. You must be based in, or have a connection to, Sussex, or the South East of the UK.
You will be joined by approximately 11 other fellow BAME/PoC writers/artists plus 2 facilitators.

Saturday, 8 August, 10.30am-5.30pm
Sunday, 9 August, 10.30am-2pm

With multiple screen breaks and lunch hour /outdoor time where feasible.
Facilitated by artist and writer, Alinah Azadeh, produced by Writing Our Legacy

Ticket Prices and How to apply
There are only 12 places available for this special retreat.
We are offering spaces for £30 or £15 concession.
We are also holding a number of free spaces (x4 maximum) to support people affected by c-19 lockdown or otherwise financial insecure places.

To attend the retreat, please email amy@writingourlegacy.org.uk with the following information:
No more than 300 words about your practice (eg are you a writer or artist) and why you’d like to attend the retreat
Your ethnicity
Your home address
If you would like to apply for a free space, please state the reason (s) why you need the free space eg self-employed & loss of income; unemployed; or another.

This retreat is for people of colour only — Writing Our Legacy employs Mosaic’s definition of Black to be ‘Black people’ and ‘mixed-parentage people’ including all those people whose ancestral origins are African, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, North African, Romany, the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific islands, the American continents, Australia and New Zealand.
You must live in Sussex or South East of England with, preferably with a connection with Sussex area eg grew up or studied.

“Wonderful, freeing to find time and space with fellow writers to explore, dream, express and be. I like the new work that I created that I will work on.”
‘It was great to be in conversation with a fellowship of people who see writing as an important part of their lives.”
“The prompt was liberating. Alinah’s use of genre here allowed space for an alternate history which I’m realizing, more and more, is fertile ground for writers of colour – I know I spend a lot of time thinking / writing “what if”. I also know and love the part of Sussex that Alinah described, and hearing her claim it so clearly in her writing was powerful.”
“It was great. The whole process felt very natural and the moderator was excellent. It felt right all the time, very comfortable, flexible, and nourishing. A calm environment to create. Alinah did a brilliant job of making the retreat process work online and at home.”

About Alinah Azadeh & We See You Now
Alinah Azadeh is a writer, artist, performer and social activist of British Iranian heritage. She has been creating and collaborating on artworks for museums, galleries and across diverse communities for over 20 years and has had short stories, interviews and articles published, including most recently in Hidden Sussex (2019). She has just finished writing her first novel.

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