Wild Writing Workshop on Bodmin Moor with Natasha Carthew

  • Minions and surrounding area
  • March 28
  • 09:30 - 12:30
  • £25
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– Write alongside renowned Cornish Country writer and poet Natasha Carthew
– Find inspiration in the great outdoors
– Learn to explore your surroundings in a friendly, unique enviroment
– Build your own way of approaching writing about the wild
– Workshop includes guided walk with writing prompts
– Includes opportunity to discuss your work in the pub afterwards

The natural world draws writers: for solace and inspiration, and for a wealth of narratives. Even if we don’t write about nature, nature generates the stories we tell. This is because everything we know about creating, we know intuitively from the natural world. One can set the stage for creation by following these three steps: consciously naming the information gathered by the senses, describing the sensory details of one particular thing, and interacting with the energy system of the earth.
As writers we must strive to make this kind of connection between the everyday and the hidden, noting the beauty all around us to develop a rich relationship with wildness inside and out.