WriteClub – Enneagram for Writers

  • WriteClub online
  • April 10
  • 10:00 - 15:00
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Saturday April 10th 10am-3pm (UK) ONLINE – using Zoom
£130 (Full price) / £75 (Reduced rate) / £65 (Earlybird – before March 31st)

In this exciting workshop, Alison Powell of WriteClub and Dr Rebekah Tennyson of Enneagram Psychology combine their years of creative writing, psychology and coaching experience to help you better understand yourself and your fictional characters.

The enneagram is an ancient model of personality that provides a fascinating paradigm for gaining a deeper appreciation of self and other. In this session we will bring the dynamic insights of the enneagram to the storyteller’s toolkit, helping you to power up your characters and transform your own work – whether you’re writing fiction, memoir, essays, or journaling for self-discovery.

During the session, you will learn about the nine enneagram ‘types’ and discover:

* how each type is motivated
* the typical behaviour patterns of each type
* how each responds quite differently to stress
* where different types tend to find security
* revelations about childhood patterns
* the similarities, differences and overlaps between personality types.

You will find out how to apply this understanding to yourself – identifying ways to support your own creative process – and also to fictional characters. We will examine how the enneagram can be used as a model for examining well-known literary characters and also as a tool for creating nuanced and believable characters from scratch.

This workshop is ideal if you:

* are writing fiction, memoir, essays, or journaling for self-discovery
* want to understand more about motivations that drive behaviour
* are curious about the ways different people are likely to respond in times of stress
* want to build convincing conflicts and resolutions between characters
* want to gain a different perspective on conflicts in your own life
* would love to glean more insight into your own strengths, struggles and needs.

There will be time for writing exercises built into the day, as well as opportunities to share your words, ask questions and meet other writers at various stages of their creative journeys.

Come and get curious about characters – including your own!

About your facilitators
Dr Rebekah Tennyson is a registered Clinical Psychologist and enneagram coach. In addition to working in the NHS, she is the founder of Enneagram Psychology which offers a range of therapeutic and coaching services integrating the wisdom of the enneagram with psychological theory.

Rebekah is passionate about helping people to understand themselves and others better, and her love of the enneagram has come from personal as well as professional experience of its uses. One of her favourite things about this model is how it helps people to identify and focus on their unique strengths and potential.

A life-long bookworm, she has combined her love of fiction and psychology to offer workshops and consultation to writers that aid with character as well as personal development.

Alison Powell supports new and established writers with their creative work. Having worked as a teacher and an education consultant for many years, she set up WriteClub in 2016 and has since run hundreds of workshops, masterclasses and courses on all aspects of the writing craft. She is an award winning writer, published in various anthologies and magazines and holds an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa. She is a member of the Hay Festival Writers at Work Programme and is a producer and advisor for Paper Nations at Bath Spa University.

She believes that everyone has the right to express themselves in writing and runs all her sessions with a positive approach. Her passion for poetry and story along with her enthusiasm for helping people find the best in themselves are reflected in her lively and open presentation style. She will do her very best to ensure that you find the support you need to make your writing work.