Writing In The Time Of Climate Change

  • Online
  • November 4 - 30
  • 08:00 - 17:00
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Explore fear, grief, hope and ways of discussing climate change in the contemporary novel with this new course from Writers’ HQ.

Humanity is defined by the stories we tell ourselves. But our stories are failing and the world is suffering.

It’s time to tell a new story.

It is often said that we can’t write about an event until long after the fact, so how do we write about climate change when we are just beginning to live through it?

The truth is, no one knows what is going to happen. Few people can even truly admit where we are now.

So how does the writer – the one person who is supposed to be the torch bearer of what humanity is and what it could be – begin to tell the story of climate change?

It’s hard when we feel as though we don’t know what to do, yet at the same time feel the desperate urge to do something.

Through this course we will give you direction, anchor points, and ideas for working with climate change in your writing.

We will explore many of the different facets of climate change, including what to do if you find the subject so terrifying you can’t even think about it without clenching.

First rule of Climate Writers’ HQ: Don’t clench.