Writing Places, A La Ronde: Camera Obscura Writing Activity with Jane Feaver

  • A La Ronde
  • August 17
  • 11:00 - 13:00
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Novelist and short story writer Jane Feaver took up her position of Writer in Residence at A La Ronde in July 2016 and will be working at the property until the end of September. During Jane’s stay, she will be at the property for two days each week.  Part of that time, she will be working on writing about A la Ronde and also have time to meet visitors.  She will be holding this free workshop on August 10th 2016 (admission charges apply).

Camera Obscura Writing Activity:

We know that Mary Parminter owned a camera obscura, the precursor of the photographic camera, used to help make landscape drawings. With a modern-day equivalent, we will experiment with ways of looking at the landscape of A La Ronde.  What does this do to our view of the world? How might we translate this view into writing?

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To find out more about the Writing Places project, please visit: www.writingplaces.org