WRITING PLACES: ‘Plotting’: Workshop with Boris Starling

  • Max Gate
  • November 5
  • 18:30 - 20:30

Max Gate has a fantastic line-up of free Writing Workshops and Masterclasses as part of the Writing Places Project http://writingplaces.org/. This is a partnership project between Literature Works, the Literature Development Charity for the South West, The National Trust and The Poetry Archive. The project aims to help more people discover the literary heritage of the South West and to engage them with writing by placing a Writer In Residence at Coleridge Cottage and by running a programme of Community Engagement Events.

About the workshop:

Boris Starling: ‘‘Plotting’, is appropriately enough on Guy Fawkes Night, Thursday 5th November. Gunpowder strictly optional (and it’s also a good excuse not to spend your evening handing out several tonnes of Haribo to trick-or-treaters.) I’ll be discussing how to plot books, as it’s one of the hardest things to do properly: how to make sure everything connects both logistically and emotionally, tie up all loose ends, how to put in little details which seem insignificant at the time but become crucial later, and so on.’

To book the workshop, please call Max Gate on 01305 262538 (limited places available).