Writing Surgery

  • Hypatia House
  • October 21
  • 10:30 - 13:30
  • £25
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A writing surgery with Linda Cleary is offered with 8 places at the price of £25 per place.

What is a writing surgery?
It is the opportunity to send in a piece of your own work by email and get my feedback and any edits or suggestions sent back.
You then get further exposure and review of your work in a live circle of up to 7 other writers as well as hearing their work.

What is the word count I can send in?
If it is prose – then you can send in up to 1000 words. This may be a complete work or an excerpt from a longer work.
If it is poetry then you can send a couple of poems but the total amount of words of the entire poetry submission must not exceed 500 words.
You are receiving 1 hour of individual attention to your work for this part of the process.

Why is the word count less for poetry?
Because poetry demands more in terms of reading and reviewing it.

I want to be part of it – what do I do now?
You must first book your place and pay the £25.
You then email the piece you wish to submit for review (you must be sure of this piece because once I start the process of reviewing it I cannot then look over a different piece if you change your mind about the submission). Pieces must be emailed no later than the 14th October.
When and if you have made any changes and redrafted your piece you then email that to me and I will email on to the others in the group so that they can read ahead of the live session.
The live session is then on Saturday 21st October 10.30am to 1.30pm (includes a tea break) at Hypatia House, 54 Chapel St, Penzance, Penzance. You must bring printed copies of your work for each person – I will advise you before the session as to how many copies to bring.

OK! So how do I book my place?
There are only 8 places – so in the first instance email me to say you wish to book a place. If there is a place available I will email you and let you know and I will also then send details of how to make your payment of £25. On receipt of the payment I will then confirm your place as booked and you can then proceed with emailing me your work.

Sign me up!
Cool! Email me 🙂 at: freewriterscentre@gmail.com