Writing Workshop: Narratives on Food, Culture and History

  • Masseria La selva
  • May 15 - 24
  • 17:00 - 17:00
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May 15 – 24, 2015

Food is as much an exploration of the world and its people as it is a culinary journey—something that is especially evident in southern Italy. From its olive oil history, sheep and buffalo milk cheeses to the region’s hardy durum and semolina wheat pastas, the cuisine of greater Puglia is intricately linked to its culture and history. During this 10-day workshop we will explore the region’s vast food and cultural offerings though a combination of writing exercises, cooking and enjoying the area’s unique culinary specialities, meeting the people who produce, prepare, and provide local food, lectures, and numerous excursions.

Journalists Lucy Hyslop and Laura Kiniry will share their travel writing knowledge and experiences.

Workshops will explore:


  • The connection between food, history, culture & travel writing
  • Ideas that will attract and hold readers
  • Types of travel writing, from personal essays to focusing on a particular food
  • How to publish a blog and/or write for publications
  • Culture, history and food’s role in writing
  • How to record your thoughts – and audio files – in the field
  • A snapshot guide to travel photography and podcasts or for the radio

 Activities are set to include:


  • Olive oil tasting in the olive groves of Botromagno archaeological site.
  • The origin and evolution of olive oil extraction, distinguishing a true extra virgin olive oil and demystifying supermarket  labelling definitions. Olive varieties.
  • Visit to Sassi of Matera, Carlo Levi Exhibition, Dinner in the Piazza
  • Traditional bread making in 15th century oven and pasta making
  • Pompeii- tour lecture with archaeologist Emilano Tufano, – volcanic wine tasting in the ancient city’s amphitheatre
  • A traditional shepherd’s lunch in the open fields with a shepherd and his flock
  • Hands-on cheese making : Primo Sale, Mozzerella, Burrata, at the historical shepherd cave site of Fornello
  • Exploring the Murgia’s karstic caves
  • Foraging for herbs and wild greens
  • Napoli, the energy of the flamboyant “Capital of Southern Italy” – former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
  • Altamura’s family cloisters – long table dinner with locals
  • Dinner at the fisherman’s cove of Polignano a Mare