Our Chief Executive, Helen Chaloner, explores our core offers. From advice and support, to showcasing projects, and opportunities across the region, there's something for everyone. 

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It’s our pleasure to be able to offer another round of free online Advice Surgeries, open to all and bookable here. We began to offer these free, bookable online sessions during lockdown. During an hour-long slot, one or more members of our team offer advice, share our knowledge, suggest networks and contribute operational know-how. This is a formalising of the advisory work that we undertake all the time, over the phone and at meetings. Creating slots and advertising them openly has meant we can reach many more people and projects throughout the South West. The sessions have proved immensely popular and we are releasing more slots now, in April and May, which are bookable on a first come, first served basis.

The Advice Surgeries are part of a suite of core offers that can support you – writers, readers, projects and partners – all year-round, throughout the South West and which are not time-limited but always on offer. We have focused hard on developing these offers over the last few years. We consulted and surveyed to find out what people wanted and we set about making it happen. We now have a range of offers, open to all and aimed at helping writing, stories, literature, words and reading to flourish in our region:

We are proud to have re-launched the Literature Works Annual Fund, which provides seed-funding to support and nurture community-based literature projects around the region. The current funding round is open until 7th June and you can apply here. We host a thriving online community for writers, the Literature Works South West Writers’ Community, which showcases both emerging voices and established writers in our region. We channel opportunities to this community in the form of bulletins offering courses, mentoring, freelance contracts, residencies and all kinds of exciting writerly activity. In January 2020, we launched a free membership scheme, giving lovers of story and words an inside track on our work, including priority booking periods for events and courses, special opportunities and the chance to participate in a connected, growing community. You can join up here. And lastly, but definitely not least, the Literature Works website, www.literatureworks.org.uk, is so much more than a showcase of our projects and work. It is a rich and constantly updating source of opportunities and information about the amazing range of literature activity taking place around the region and beyond. You can upload your events directly onto the calendar here and you can create your own writer profile here on the Literature Works South West Writers’ Register. Or why not browse the ‘Resources’ menu and read about all kinds of further support on offer here?

Helen Chaloner, CEO