It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we're delighted to share this festive poem by Holly Peters, Plymouth's Mayflower 400 Young City Laureate.

Christmas on Earth

Candles light up lanterns that carry dreams half a world away,
Shoes are left by doorsteps glimmering with the wrappers of chocolate coins,
Books and chocolates exchanged;
The ice outside so distant from the warmth of the fire.

The world was wrapped like a present in a thick coat of sparkling white.
The robin shivered, knocking an icicle from his beak, and wondered:
How was the world so still?
He fluttered from perch to perch,
Melodies of laughter and glee surfing on the winter’s breeze.

Holly and ivy and orchids and mistletoe:
Ripe berries promising that even when the sky is grey
The world is full of colour.

Webs spun by spiders to keep a new-born warm,
Transforming into twinkling tinsel upon the tree.
Children tucked up in beds softer than the straw in the manger,
Dreaming of Rudolph and Vixen and Donner and Blitzen.

Tissue paper crinkled around sugared almonds;
Dinner only complete with a crinkling hat.
Figures within Christmas cakes telling secrets of the year to come.

He learnt of Santa Claus, Grandfather Frost, Saint Nick,
The Snow Maiden, Papa Noel, Old Man Christmas.
Warmth filled the robin: the globe glittered with lights,
A Christmas for all. The smiles of people united.

Holly Peters, December 2019