Inferno is the 17th novel in the critically acclaimed Kydd series. Having previously reviewed the adventures of swashbuckling maritime adventurer Captain Sir Thomas Kydd for One Giant Read, we thought it was high time (not tide) to share or latest review of this fascinating series with you.

It is 1807 and Kydd’s sea-faring prowess aboard the Tyger has seen him snatch back his reputation from the bottom of Davey Jones’ Locker. He is now a celebrated hero but his work is not done… he must head into the inferno of battle to prevent Denmark’s navy being taken control of by French Forces.

What is truly arresting about the Kydd novels is the application of Stockwin’s vast maritime knowledge which is woven intricately and with great narrative skill throughout the novel. Never once overbearing, this historical context only adds to the plot which is enthralling and exciting in equal measure.

Thomas Kydd himself is an interesting protagonist and it does not take long before the reader is swept away by the story and willing him to succeed at every turn. Pitted against figures both of historical provenance and of the author’s own creation we see a hero who is struggling with the accolade – caught been the celebrations of the nation and his duty to King and ship and this makes him all the more appealing. This is a flawed man who knows the extremities of a sea-faring man’s reputation and as such his position is never quite certain. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to like Kydd and his devotion to the navy he serves.

This is a truly captivating novel perfect for anyone who enjoys historical fiction or naval fiction looking for knowledge bound up in excellent story telling.

Inferno by Julian Stockwin was published on 6th October by Hodder and Stoughton