Here at Literature Works we’re always thinking about how to widen opportunity and give more people a chance to have a go.  We celebrate talent and we also seek out new ways to engage and develop people who are just starting, or emerging as writers.

We’ve been inspired by a great initiative from the National Centre for Writing in Norwich which, for the past five years, has co-organised, hosted and promoted UEA Live. These monthly public literature events provide the opportunity for students of creative writing to read their work to a live audience alongside established writers.   We’ve used this model as one of the inspirations for Quay Voices, a new strand of our programming at Exeter Custom House, which we will be taking to other places around the South West over the next year.  It is a great way of celebrating new and established talent, enjoying a wide range of different voices and giving those early stage writers an exciting opportunity to share their work with an audience.  We’ve adapted the Norwich model and played with it to suit our context – we hope you’ll like it.

The first two events in the Quay Voices strand at Exeter Custom House feature headline readers Natasha Carthew on Wednesday 8th April and Wyl Menmuir on Wednesday 18th March.  Tickets are available for Natasha’s event here and for Wyl’s reading here.  Affordable pricing makes a difference, so we’ve kept ticket prices as low as we can, with concessions always available.

Natasha Carthew and Wyl Menmuir are both fantastically talented Cornish-based writers who do a lot to help fellow and aspiring writers.  Natasha is our writer-in-residence at Exeter Custom House from mid-February to mid-March.  The themes of her residency are nature, the environment and climate.  Through a series of free Wild Writing workshops and weekly ‘meet the writer’ sessions, Natasha is connecting with and supporting all kinds of new writers down on Exeter Quayside.  She will invite four of them to read alongside her on 11th March.  Wyl is reading alongside a group of creative writing students from the University of Exeter, all of whom work with and have been put forward by novelist, screenwriter and lecturer Dr Sam North.  We can’t wait to hear their work and we invite you to join us.

Keep an eye out here for more news about how you can get involved and where you can enjoy further events combining new and established writers around the region.  Look out for one, in particular coming up in Plymouth very soon…